What To Avoid When Selling Your Business

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Learn the top Deal Killers

Deal Killers is a practical guide for current and future business owners who will, at some point, consider the sale of their business. The sale of a business is a complicated and stressful process. This book covers the most blatant issues many business owners overlook that destroy a company’s salability if they are left undetected and unresolved. Being well prepared will position your business to minimize the risks and maximize the potential rewards, by avoiding the most common and costly mistakes. 


Prepare for the Exit

In Deal Killers, Michael Meyer, author and prominent expert in mergers and acquisitions, discusses why the vast number of possible business sales fall apart during negotiations or due diligence and never make it to the closing table, and communicates what potential deal killers need to be addressed before putting your business on the market. 


Expert advice

Once in a blue moon a business is bought and sold in a smooth process that doesn’t feature glitches or setbacks. But this is far from the norm when selling a business; even the most mutually beneficial deals happen upon bumps in the road. Preparing for the successful sale of a company is, no doubt, a challenge, but it is a challenge that must be met. For most business owners this is usually a once-in-a-lifetime event. They probably have never sold a business before. They don’t have the experience to have learned from their mistakes. Understanding the deal killers in advance of undertaking a sale process is critical when you decide it’s the right time to sell.


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